Canine Conditioning/Exercises


Canine Cutting Edge Conditioning Workshops and Seminars


Do you want your dog to feel good and stay in peak condition? Then don’t miss this unique opportunity.

Have you noticed your dog is not as strong or as willing to work or play as he used to be?

Specializing in canine massage, structure, movement, and conditioning. The workshops and seminars can be tailored to your club’s wants and needs. The following information is some information that you will learn:

  • Increase speed, agility and strength
  • Reduce injuries
  • Prolong your dog’s competitive career
  • Teach your dog to move correctly
  • Understand canine structure
  • Improve your dog’s overall body condition
  • Build body awareness and balance
  • Increase your dog’s desire to compete
  • Basic Massage techniques

Your dog will look and feel better than ever after attending just one of Joanne Lang’s Cutting Edge Conditioning Workshops and Seminars.

At these  workshops and seminars, participants will learn basic canine structure and how to identify structural weaknesses. Participants will then learn different exercises to address their dog’s weaknesses. These exercises include exercise equipment that will stimulate your dog physically, as well as mentally. All of these exercises will improve how dogs use their body, and help them become more balanced. 

To prevent injuries, proper conditioning is required for activities such as freestyle, carting, agility, obedience, flyball, earthdog, lure coursing, and even conformation.


Put yourself in your dog’s paws and experience life from a four-legged point of view. Learn the conditioning tools that will ensure that your canine athlete enjoys a long healthy career. Joanne Lang’s insightful and imaginative workshops and seminars will help you bond with your teammate in a way you never thought possible. 

Our goal is to help canine athletes perform at their best so you can continue to participate in the sports you both enjoy.

Why Lang Motion and Structure Evaluation:

  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Competition proven
  • Learn how to improve
  • Maximixe assets
  • Minimize weaknesses


Participants in Joanne’s workshops have said:       

     “Joanne is a GREAT presenter, she gives each participant a LOT of individual attention.” Elizabeth, AK

      AKC Obedience and Tracking judge, Dee Dee Rose says: “If you EVER have a chance to attend one of Joanne’s workshops, drop whatever you are doing and rush to attend!”