Massage Your Dog Volume 1 DVD

Enjoy enhancing the life of your dog. Relieve sore muscles that can slow down your best friend. Learn the art of massage with the Lang sisters, professional certified therapists of champions, in this step-by-step easy to follow video. Massage therapy can aid in the behavior and health of your dog. Increase movement and relieve much of the pain caused by old age, field use, old injuries and general aches and pains. Massage your dog the Lang Wayâ„¢ today!

Massage Your Dog Volume 2 DVD

Now that you have mastered Volume 1 you are ready for this fun 2nd volume! Learn more detailed massage with this 2nd video and guide book. Joanne and Jill teach you more advanced massage skills that will benefit your dog beyond belief! See how joints work and what lies underneath the surface of your dog. Now you can better understand how injuries occur and what you can do to relieve them. Prepare yourself for the next millennium, learn the art of holistic massage today.

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