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I am thrilled that I enrolled in the program. It exceeded my expectations. Joanne uses multiple techniques to teach and have you retain the information. At the practicum, she creates an excellent learning environment and provides so many speakers and dogs that I feel the week was more like a month of learning.
– Graduate, S. W.

You make such a difference in peoples’ lives. Thank you Joanne!
– Graduate, N. Q.

Questions asked to graduates about the Lang Institute for Canine Massage

Question: I am curious about the program and really want to do it, but have some questions…

Answer by student T.B., DVM
I am happy to hear that you are interested in the Lang Institute of Canine Massage! Joanne puts on a really good and comprehensive program that is well worth the money.

Question: I worry about learning massage on my own out of books…how was it for you?

Answer by graduate T.B., DVM
You actually do not learn much about massage from the books. Her book course covers anatomy, physiology, nutrition, structure, function, and so many other aspects. The massage at home portion is background and videotape. The majority of the practicum concentrates on massage techniques and handling. We worked on everything from miniature poodles to mastiffs and a lot in between.

Question: Also the expense for this class is higher than most programs- what do you think, is it because it is more extensive?

Answer by graduate T.B., DVM
When you consider that it is less than $10/credit hour (682 credit hours through the Colorado Board of Education) it is really relatively cheap education. The reason it is more expensive than other courses is because she teaches a lot more than massage. In order to properly perform massage, build a business, and communicate effectively with clients and veterinarians, it is important to have base line knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and pathology. As far as I am aware it is the only massage course that offers anything close. At current time as a veterinarian I would not recommend any massage therapy on my patients unless they have been through the Lang program. (I am the third Lang provider in our area, and went on the recommendation of 2 other students, one DVM one not)

Question: Also, is there anything that you would have liked to know about the program that I may not think to ask?

Answer by graduate T.B., DVM
What I really liked about the program was the detail and thoroughness of the program. Joanne does a great job in providing a wide variety of speakers and information that goes beyond the scope of massage yet is very valuable to helping you get a business started in massage.

…about the Lang Systemâ„¢ video series

“The videos are easy to understand and follow. They give the viewer a good understanding of the why and how of canine massage. The benefits are many and visible to the naked eye. One of the most telling examples is my own dog, ‘Zephyr’, who at 12 1/2 years of age is the oldest dog in the United States working AKC agility at the Masters level.”
Joni Freshman, D.V.M., MS.