About the School


Veterinary Medical Massage School

The Lang Institute for Canine Massage (LICM) is only state-approved training program that offers veterinary medical massage.  The program was developed by our faculty of veterinarians, massage therapists, PhDs, and education specialists. The Lang Institute provides students with state-approved certification in canine massage. Sign up for the best education and the most comprehensive course available in canine massage today! Fully 90% of the course is attained on your own time, in the comfort of your own home!

The Lang Institute for Canine Massage has provided top-notch training for canine massage since 2001. Our many graduates have established successful canine massage businesses throughout the United States and overseas. We offer a Colorado State Approved, 663 hour program for canine massage certification.  It comes in two parts, a home-study and a hands-on practicum.


The Lang Institute for Canine Massage, , home of the Lang System™, is a teaching establishment founded with one mission in mind:

To provide its students with the most professional training available in canine massage. This training enables you to work independently or side-by-side with veterinarians and other canine professionals, as well as provide you with knowledge and skills in other modalities that are needed to meet the needs of each canine client. Additionally, you will gain the knowledge and skills necessary to know when to refer to other canine professionals.

To achieve this mission, the Lang Institute has designed the Canine Massage Program, which:

  • Trains its students to become highly skilled canine massage providers.
  • Utilizes the Lang System™ to understand motion and structure in canine clients.
  • Offers business strategies to help students in starting up their own canine massage businesses.
  • Raises canine massage standards.

Our program uses various teaching methods, including a home-study course, homework assignments,video demonstrations, guest intructors, and hands-on work with a variety of dog breeds and temperments. Guest instructors include veterinarians, researchers, and published authors. All of these personnel and our professional, experienced school staff are dedicated to helping you succeed in your new career as a Lang System provider. There is no such thing as passive learning at the Lang Institute!

We strive for excellence in the training that we offer our students. We provide the tools and training to help our graduates excel in the field of canine massage. And we encourage our students always to keep learning after they have completed our program.

Why the Lang Institute for Canine Massage:

  • Meets state requirements for certification
  • All faculty with advanced qualifications, at least 10 years of experience, and a commitment towards providing you with a solid foundation for starting your career in animal massage
  • Individualized attention and training via Web, Email, phone, and practicum support
  • Learn on your schedule
  • The most varied practical experience available
  • We provide you with a comprehensive, core curriculum – no hidden course fees for establishing a solid, professional foundation
  • Fun!! We want you to enjoy learning and then apply your training towards a successful career

The Lang System™

What is the Lang System™?

The Lang System™ was developed by Joanne Lang, a Master Certified Massage Therapist, who has over twenty years of experience massaging people, dogs, horses, and even cats!

Joanne saw a genuine need to consider the entire animal, not just a specific area of soreness. She believes that you need to understand overall balance and structure when looking at an animal. “Many times, when we look at an animal, we miss much of the picture. I try to teach how to look at everything and understand how it is all tied together.” Massage is not just a recipe for hand motions and relaxation techniques. It is an understanding and ability to analyze what you see.

Just as important to Joanne was the need to create a method that would proactively address future issues a dog might face, as well as reactively correct problems it already has.

The Lang System™ is a unique combination of standards and recommendations as well as physical instruction.

The standards help you understand how a dog is currently moving and how it should move optimally.

Next, recommendations are made with the goal of helping dogs achieve optimal well being. These recommendations incorporate nutritional advice and an exercise/massage course of action.

Course Outline

Courses offered by the Lang Institute are:

  • Course Introduction 1.5 hrs.
  • Getting Beyond Basic Dog Massage: The Lang System 1.5 hrs.
  • Canine Anatomy 135 hrs.
  • Canine Physiology 70 hrs.
  • Canine Orthopedic Pathology 70 hrs.
  • Canine Structure and Movement 70 hrs.
  • Canine Disease and Hygiene 50 hrs.
  • Canine Massage Overview 60 hrs.
  • Canine Overview Nutrition 75 hrs.
  • Breed and Breed Characteristics 35 hrs.
  • Marketing 48 hrs.
  • Colorado Practicum 57 hrs.

Contact us today for more information on military benefits, scholarships, upcoming practicums, course catalog, additional information, and an application: lang@dogmassage.com or 970-691-3985