Equine Massage

Now The Lang Institute for Massage offers equine massage seminars. 

Joanne owns and operates a busy massage practice.  She has 20 years’ experience massaging everything from humans, high performance dogs and equines to Hollywood elephants. 

Joanne Lang, Master Certified Massage Therapist, offers a unique massage and exercise program that enhances your eye for movement and highlights areas where massage will increase a horse’s performance and comfort. The combination of these two modalities will teach you to become a proficient animal massage therapist. You will impress clients and colleagues with your ability to watch movement and provide a path for improving equine performance.

Massage benefits the world’s top performance athletes, as well as backyard equines. 

Do you want your horse to perform better? 

Is your equine club looking for a unique, fun seminar?

Are you a massage therapist working on horses that would like to learn more advanced massage and exercise skills? 

You can set up a private lesson or workshop with Joanne Lang, MCMT. 

Email or call and set up a private lesson or seminar today! It will be a fun and enlightening experience for you and your equine.