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The Lang Institute for Canine Massage (LICM) is the only state-approved training program that offers veterinary medical massage.  The dog massage program was developed by our faculty of veterinarians, massage therapists, PhDs, and education specialists. We will provide you with the core knowledge and skills needed to excel when you establish your successful animal massage business, as well as customized seminars for giving dogs and horses the winning edge. We have the cutting-edge answers for people wanting a rewarding career in animal massage or answers on how to improve animal’s performance and daily life. Our school offers at-home and expert hands-on training for pet massage. LICM has an at-home, self-paced instruction program that is complemented by a short hands-on training practicum with dynamic lectures taught by experts in a variety of fields. Learning modules include core knowledge for assessing animal’s strengths and weaknesses for effective massage, collaborating with other animal health care professionals, alternative for keeping your clients happy and their pets healthy, as well as other information for building your business. Our practicum offers the most varied, intensive, and extensive learning opportunities available, with access to a wide variety of dogs and clients and individualized attention by our caring instructors. Our seminars cater to the level and interests of our participants and their pets. These seminars focus on teaching owners the secrets of evaluating and developing their animal’s strength and agility for excelling in competition and recreational activities. We enjoy following our seminar group’s progress and achievements, as well as providing them with new information for reaching higher levels of performance. Our success stories include champions in conformation, agility, trial, and dancing competitions, as well as happy, healthy pets. Keep watching for our upcoming Web-based offerings that will soon offer new services for evaluating pets and meeting your continuing education needs.

You can utilize the Lang System™ in several ways:

  • As an enjoyable, educational workshop for your dog club or to attend on your own. Just ask about the Lang System™ workshops.
  • As a way to start a new career in canine massage. Please check out the canine massage programs now being taught at the Lang Institute for Canine Massage,
  • To properly massage a dog, order the acclaimed Lang System™ video series.

The Lang Institute for Canine Massage, also offers appointment based personal care for individual dogs. Call us at 970-691-3985 to schedule an evaluation.

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